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An amazing premium subscription.

Thank you for considering subscribing. This helps us continue to provide VocalBird!

  • Limited to 200 free recordings per month

  • Recordings are only kept 1 month

  • No password protection

Power user
9€ /mo
  • Up to 10 000 recordings per month

  • Keep recordings forever

  • Protect recordings with a password

Frequently asked questions

How and when can I cancel?

You can cancel in one click at any time, directly from this page. If you don't have a need for our service anymore, we won't force you to stay.

How can I make sure this service is right for me?

Feel free to use our lifetime free plan. It will help you know if we're the right tool for the job.

What are the advantages of the premium subscription?

With the premium subscription, you increase your monthly quota to 10 000 audio messages; you can protect them with passwords and decide for how long we should store them.

What happens to my audio files if I cancel my subscription?

Your audio messages will go back to being saved for one month as we do for other users on a free plan. If some of your files are older than that, they will be deleted. Of course, you can download all of your audio messages to avoid losing them.

Do you offer discounts?

We set our pricing in the fairest way possible, both for our users and for our company. Therefore, we do not offer discounts.

I have another question.

We'll be glad to answer it! Reach out, and we'll get back to you very soon: [email protected].

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